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Prachi Gautam

Digital Coach, SEO Blogger, Instagram Expert, & Freelancing Guru

​In the mid of COVID-19 lockdown, when everything was paused, I founded U Savvy Academy with the intention to help gigs make money from home and start an online business.

Well! Why did this idea spin my mind?

Very first, I quit my job. Yes! Because I was very obsessed with the freedom to work from the comfort of my sofa, making as much as money I wanted (no promotion required), stop reporting anyone. In a nutshell, I wanted to be my own boss


So I gave birth to U Savvy Academy, promoting the same, where millennials can turn into a 6-figure freelancer or even kickstart biz with skills like content writing, SEO, Instagram marketing. All it needs is the internet, laptop and enthusiasm.


Already helped 100+ entrepreneurs leverage the power of blogging and social media to start a sustainable, online business of their dreams, too.


So as you're reading this! I just want to give you a virtual high-five and let you know - you can do it too...Your unique talent will definitely skyrocket your personal and financial growth.


Well! well! I'm a small-village lady, blogger, educator and puppy rescuer. My utmost days are spent behind my mac screen sharing my life and secret sauce with the world. I'm ready to help you start your side gig!

Welcome To U SAVVY

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