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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study Digital Marketing in 2024

Top 5 Reasons why you should Study Digital Marketing in 2024

To begin with

Are you looking for the reasons why you should study Digital Marketing in 2024?

Considering the Increasing number of people using the Internet and smartphones daily for online shopping, Digital marketinghas become the Vital part of businesses to promote their services and products digitally to engage with customers.

According to Statista data, the total amount of spending on Digital advertising worldwide in 2021 is 522.5 US billion dollars and it is expected to be 836 billion dollars by 2026.

As we move forward in this Digital era, let’s understand the significance of Digital Marketing as a career and why you should study Digital Marketing in 2024.

1. Rise in Demand for Digital Marketers

Nowadays people tend to search online and social media platforms for reviews before buying a product, so it has become important for companies to use online channels to promote.

A recent survey conducted by Taradel says that 94% of small Businesses planning to increase their budget for digital marketing in 2024 and companies are predicted to raise their digital marketing budget about $667 Billions in 2024 worldwide.

They are likely willing to spend quite a huge amount on fresh and creative Digital Marketing strategies to promote their products and services online.

Top Brands worldwide also prefer to Digitally promote their products by establishing Strong awareness and reaching their targeted consumers. So, there is an ongoing demand for Digital marketing professionals with skills and creativity.

Causes why there will be demand for digital marketers in upcoming years:

Increase in consumer trust on online channels – As people nowadays mostly rely on online reviews and public opinion before deciding to buy any products online, businesses must market their products online.

Emerging technologies and tools – Advancement in new technologies and tools like AI every day, makes businesses cope and they need assistance from Digital marketers who must be up to date with it.

Businesses shifting to Online – Businesses are shifting to online to establish their authority and to grow digitally to boost sales and reach potential consumers.

Important Tip: Choose any digital marketing course with specialization and get certified. Many courses are available online both paid and free.

2. Several Profile Options to Choose in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as a whole is a Single term that has many profile options. You can choose the profile which is suitable for you. You may find any of the profiles can be pretty interesting and have new things to learn. Each profile option has individual responsibilities.

best Digital marketing profiles

Some of the profile specializations are:

Content Writer – The content writer’s role is to research different topics to curate engaging content for business and drive sales.

Social media marketer – Social media marketers use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the products and services the business provides.

SEO-Specialist – Search engine optimization specialists optimize the content of the website in a search engine-friendly manner to rank top on the search engine result pages(SERP).

Copywriter – Copywriting is a skill to write content in an attractive way with hooking lines to get user attention that drives conversion.

3. Freedom to work from anywhere

Freelance Digital Marketing Career

One of the Main reasons to choose Digital marketing as a career is the freedom to work from anywhere. You can work full-time as a Digital Marketer from sitting at home or anywhere in the world.

Freelancing is another option for Digital marketing professionals who want to work independently and be their boss.

All you need is a laptop or system with a stable internet connection and tools such as software applications to work with good communication skills.

You can promote yourself as a freelance digital marketer on social media platforms like Instagram and Linkedin about the services you offer and pitch to clients.

Benefits of working remotely:

Maintaining work-life balance – work-life balance is much needed for an individual to maintain proper health for their body.

Cost-efficiency – working remotely reduces the cost of creating a workspace separately and other expenses.

Work in a Comfortable environment – Acomfortable environment refers to a tense-free environment to work in peace.

4. Salary ranges are good in the Industry

Digital Marketers get paid a decent salary monthly working for an organization or as freelancers. The salary package varies for different profiles based on their work. The salary you receive may vary depending on your skills and experience.

The Salary packages of different profiles of Digital Marketing according to Glassdoor in
India is listed below.

Content writer – ₹ 30,000/month

Social media marketer – ₹ 40,900 /month

SEO specialist – ₹ 37,000/month

Copywriter – ₹ 45,000/month

5. Can Learn and Work concurrently

As mentioned earlier, Businesses from every Industry need to market their products and services through online platforms. If you choose to work as a freelance digital marketer, you can learn and work in several industries.

You can learn and work at the same time. It will give you exposure to new industries.

If you work as a freelance digital marketer, you can work for multiple industries simultaneously. It will help you to grow further and acquire some skills.

Skills you need to have as a Digital marketer:

Communication skills – The basic skill you need to have is good communication skills to maintain a healthy relationship with you and the client.

Creativity skills – Developing creative content is important for you to be an ideal digital marketer. You should come up with new ideas regularly.

Behavioral skills – Behavioral skills are needed to associate with new people and maintain good relationships as a marketer.

To Conclude

Through this blog, you understand the reasons why you should study digital marketing in 2024, now you know the scope and future of digital marketing in the future.

If you are interested and passionate about choosing digital marketing as a career, I wish you all the best in becoming a successful digital marketer!

Start learning with confidence and acquire good knowledge!

I would like to wind up the blog by thanking Prachi Gautam, for this Blog Opportunity and I suggest you to learn Digital Marketing course atUsavvyacademy, where you can learn from Gautam Prachi, the wonderful Digital Marketing coach and mentor.

If you are looking for a Digital Marketer, I can help you. Hello, I am Sushmitha Duraipandian, a Content writer, Social media strategist, and SEO marketer who can help you with the increase of your Business Growth and Sales.

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