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6 Reasons your business needs Newsletters to skyrocket your growth.

As much as a brand logo is needed for business, a business these days should have its newsletter. It helps a business to speak to their customers directly who are connected with their email list and bombard them with valuable content and updates.

About 31% of B2b Marketers say that newsletters are helpful in nurturing leads. And 20% of retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services companies are personalizing emails based on gender, race, and ethnicity.

A newsletter may contain any information regarding the brand, its product or service, case studies, promotional activities, struggles and their breakthroughs from, giveaways, etc. Once a customer is subscribed to an email list, they receive the updates in frequent intervals, mostly on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis.

The traditional form of the newsletter was in a form of magazines, Now they have moved to the email list.

As newsletter targets the emotional side of the subscribers, it does not make them sales

Why should your business have a newsletter?

1. The strongest form of communication

Newsletters take up a strong form of communication with your genuine followers. Subscribing to a newsletter takes more steps from an audience’s side, so it’s natural for idle visitors to fly away at the first step.

So, the people who subscribe to your newsletter finally would be genuine followers of your brand. It helps you connect with their mind on a more personal level. Which forms a strong long-term connection.

2. Strong Credibility

You may be building a business or looking forward to growing your brand, having a newsletter builds trust and credibility for your brand, which speaks about your knowledge and expertise in the area you are serving. It helps increase the organic growth of your brand. Which respectively widens your business horizon and lets new leads in.

A newsletter can showcase your experience and works as social proof which increases your credibility compared to your competitors.

3. Increases reputation/recognition

When the email list grows, it’s natural that your number of followers grows. This acts as a big social proof. This speaks about your authority even without intentionally speaking about it. This increases your referrals. Word of Mouth strategies work here on a great level although it is outdated, it is one of the most trusted ways of gaining reputation.

Having a newsletter that shares a bunch of knowledge can attract people looking to gain knowledge that you are sharing. If people know that you share free value, they will subscribe to you even if they are not your active follower on any social media. Or who knows maybe the subscribers now may evolve into your potential client or lead in the future.

4. Creative Newsletter

Newsletters can be made with different templates, which can be eye-pleasing to the subscriber, so that it keeps your reader entertained and not bored, with that adding good valuable content and keeps the reader engaged to till the end.

Click here to find a few templates of ConvertKit.

5. Better campaigns to know audiences

Acts as better campaigns to know audiences where their intentions are on. The user clicks and where they are intended to go on a website can be tracked and analyzed. This helps you to identify what value your customer is expecting from you. And if it is not intended towards your goal, you can change your working strategies.

Example: You are having a business selling handmade pottery items. To promote handmade potteries you gave a few tips on making pottery, but if your audiences follow you for learning how to make pots, you’ll probably not increase your sales, you are attracting the wrong audience.

Helps to understand the pain point of your customers/visitors and know them better and change your strategies accordingly

6. A promotional factor of your business

By sharing the immense value you attract an immense ideal audience, which helps you to cross-promote your services. Like in the newsletter you can encourage the reader to buy your services or check out your other social media accounts and YouTube videos you have, as they will require consuming more valuable content from you. They end up checking them out.

Instamojo is one of the companies that saw large growth in their newsletter subscribers

To debunk many financial aspects of any business Instamojo started their newsletter strategy called The SME Wrap for Business growth and trends. The newsletter was started 4 years ago to create contents that give Financial knowledge to their subscribers.

They concentrated on solving problems such as simplifying business news and updates in the market, cluttering the information that is scattered on the internet, and Debunk complex concepts for business people to skim and understand easily.

This turned out as their USP.

They attained 100 subscribers within 1st week and saw a constant increase in a further week. After 4 years, now they have a strong subs connection with 40K+ and increasing with at least 500 sign-ups every day.

They say that Newsletters helped them build a strong community while branding themselves as the industry leader

Few newsletters making websites

  • Mailchimp
  • Convert kit
  • MailiGen

How to create a newsletters

  1. Come up with a newsletter theme/goal
  2. Create a Subscription form on your website
  3. Make a subscriber list of my gathering ID through your website.
  4. Choose a newsletter platform
  5. Link subscribers
  6. Choose a template
  7. Create, edit and send

Some of the newsletters are

Morning Brew – Educational/Entertained

The Hustle – Professional news on niches you prefer.

Boss babe – Business

Ankur wakiroo – Inspirational/ Personal Development

Whiteboard crypto – crypto

Copyposse – Content creating/Marketing

Every penny you invest in newsletter marketing gives you a profitable ROI. Newsletter making may take a bit of a step from the brand’s side, but in the long run, it gives you a definite return. It’s high time for businesses to start having their Newsletters.

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