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How To Develop An Email Marketing Strategy That Drives Conversion

Are you aware of the fact that a correct email marketing strategy is considered one of the most important and crucial marketing channels by many business owners? But now your question must be, “How will it help my business grow?” “How will it help me connect with my audience and convert them into potential customers?” Or, “How can I use my email marketing strategy as a powerful weapon to skyrocket sales and generate revenue?”

These questions come to mind when you are planning to execute a new marketing channel for your business.

To seek precise knowledge about how to develop an effective email marketing strategy that drives conversion, this blog will turn out to be your best friend in fulfilling your desire.

To begin with, let us understand the importance of email marketing in today’s scenario.

Why is an email marketing strategy important and effective for growing your business?

Many business owners, influencers, and freelancers make use of an email marketing strategy to connect with their audience and convert them into potential customers.

But you must be thinking that you can connect with your audience by so many other methods, like SMS, WhatsApp, or simply through a call. Then, why write an email?

You can consider emailing the most trustworthy method to share information. By writing an email, you can share the most authentic and confidential information.

It catches the special attention of your audience. It is a great way to engage with them, whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or an influencer.

An email marketing strategy formed in the right direction will help you build a strong relationship with your audience. You can share your stories and personal journey to showcase your authenticity and spark a friendly conversation with your audience.

You can promote deals, offers, and the benefits of your business by using this highly effective method of developing your own email marketing strategy.

Now that you have learned how important an email marketing strategy is for your conversion rate and business, let us look at how you can develop an email marketing strategy that drives conversion.

1. Know about your audience

Before you write an email, you need to know about your audience. To understand this, you must consider the following:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What are their challenges?
  • What are their demands?
  • What is their level of expertise?

Keeping the above in mind, you can compose targeted and relatable emails for your audience. This is an important aspect of an effective email marketing strategy, as it will help you match their interests, solve their problems, and offer them benefits. Including this in your email marketing strategy will evoke a healthy conversation with your audience.

2. Write a striking subject line

What is another important aspect of an email marketing strategy that will entice your audience and make them read your email?

Obviously, it is the subject line. It is like the topping on your delicious pizza that makes it tempting for you to eat it. Therefore, you should write a subject line that grabs the attention of your audience right away.

Make your subject line a primary feature of your email marketing strategy.

Write a subject line that increases the open rate of your emails by using the following method:

  • Write in a clear and to-the-point manner- The aim of your email marketing strategy is to tell your audience exactly what you are trying to convey. E.g., fill out the form now to join today’s session.
  • Evoke urgency- Give your audience an offer or a benefit for a short period of time. E.g., your coupon code SWIGGY50OFF expires in 2 days.
  • Create interest- Your email marketing strategy should hook your audience to read your email. E.g., 7 types of detox water to lose weight this summer
  • Build connection- By sharing your personal journeys, experiences, tips, mistakes made, lessons learned, etc., you can build an authentic relationship with your audience. E.g., how blogging made me open up my mind and soul

3. Give a clear call-to-action

Tell your audience what next step they have to take, whether it is purchasing your product, availing of your service, or filling out a form in your email marketing strategy.

Examples are:

  • Avail the offer before it ends.
  • Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

Your email marketing strategy should give your audience a reason to use your CTA. Present your benefits, deals, and offers that are valid for a stipulated time. Create a panic situation that will make them take action at once so that they don’t miss out on a golden opportunity.


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4. Personalize your emails in your email marketing strategy

Make your audience feel more connected to you. Give a personal touch to your email by:

  • Collecting Data- Collect data from your audience by sending them Google Forms and asking them about their product or service preferences, challenges, interests, desires, etc. This will help you send emails targeting these areas so that your audience feels more connected with you.
  • Segmenting your data- Categorize your audience according to the data you have received. E.g., an audience with a specific interest, challenge, product, or service preference. Customize and send your email. Target a specific audience in your email marketing strategy.
  • Mentioning your customer’s name- E.g., good morning, Kathy. (Informal) Hello, Mrs. Banerjee! (Formal)
  • Providing real-time content- A good email marketing strategy should focus on providing information related to the product or service in the email that is trending, seasonal, or in demand. Example:
  • The best gifts to buy for your mom this Mother’s Day
  • Look at these top 7 cotton shirts for a chic look this summer.

5. Include social proofs

Develop your email marketing strategy in such a way that it includes social proof in your emails. It is the key to your brand’s gaining the audience’s trust. Showing social proof of your product or service makes it reliable and valuable for the audience.

Some of the examples of social proof you can include in your email marketing strategy are:

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Press release
  • Social media shares
  • Business details and credentials
  • Rewards and recognitions

6. Write interesting email content

Always write your email in an appealing, informative, and beneficial way for your audience. Give them a good reason to read your email, which is an indication that your email marketing strategy is headed in the right direction.

Use tips like:

  • Make your subject line and email copy relatable to each other.
  • Write a catchy opening line – e.g., “I hope this email finds you in good health.”
  • Write the email only for one purpose at a time.
  • Write actionable content that becomes a big shot of your email marketing strategy.
  • Break your content into short paragraphs and sentences.
  • Make sure your email does not sound too salesy about your product or service.
  • Do not use spam words in emails like bonus, cash, make money, sale, etc.
  • An effective email marketing strategy should contain visual content like product images, infographics, videos, live charts, etc., to engage your audience and take hold of their attention.

7. Use emojis in your email

Uplift your brand’s awareness and credibility by including emojis that are relatable to your email copy. It is a prime yet interesting factor for your email marketing strategy.

Including emojis while developing an email marketing strategy assists in increasing the open rates of your email and thus driving more conversions.

But also ensure that you use emojis in emails that target the audience segment that is familiar with your brand and the tone of the conversation.

It makes your emails more noticeable and generates a positive connection with your audience.

To sum up

An email marketing strategy is an excellent medium that will serve as a helping hand to personally connect with your prospects and customers and promote your business at the same time.

It can help educate your audience about the latest sales, discounts, and offers on your products and services and also let them know what new things you have to present to them.

Showcase your authenticity and credibility by building an email marketing strategy for your business. Build a valuable relationship with your audience through this incredible email marketing platform to make them realize your potential and drive great conversions.

I hope that by reading this blog, you have learned how to develop an email marketing strategy that drives conversion. If you are still looking for assistance over the same agenda, then, hey, I am Anshika Wahal, a content writer and SEO-friendly blogger.

I have experience in commercial content writing styles and have written content related to different industries like fashion, lifestyle, travel, e-commerce sales and marketing, health, hospitality, etc. To connect with me, click here.

Email ID- [email protected]

Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy blogging!

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