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4 Tips On “How To Start Blogging” And Blog Content Strategy

There was a time a few years back when blogging was done by the media professionals to share their opinions. But now it can be done by any other person with an internet connection and a will to share knowledge or opinion. Research says 77% of internet users read blogs regularly which means one can easily learn to blog and make money and make it a profession.

By the end of this article, you will get to know what it takes to be a good blogger and how to earn through this. As the situation around us forcing us more to stay inside it would be a great idea to learn to blog and make money. So let’s get started.

Choosing Your Niche

Since you will be sharing your views and opinion you should choose a niche that you are very much interested in. It could be anything starting from cooking to gaming and much more.

I have listed down some of the hot topics:-

  • Health: weight loss, yoga, remedies for health issues, etc.
  • Wealth: how to make money online
  • Love: relationship issues, marriage, etc.
  • Happiness: peace of mind, how to get rid of depression, stress-relieving techniques, etc.

These are some of the trending topics but besides it could be anything that you are passionate about.

Your niche should have a good monetizing value. As you are thinking learn to blog and make money, be sure to think about how you can be a full-time freelancer through this.

Choosing The Topics

Well, you need to do some brainstorming to find good topics for your blog. I found this website very helpful Answer the public. Just add your topic and you get a hell lot of ideas to write on. Have a look.

What to Keep in Mind While Writing

  • First thing first, a good headline. You will be fetching viewers with this one tool so be very careful. I would like to share a hack. I learned this somewhere so want to pass it on.. Don’t make your headlines too specific, as it draws very fewer viewers but competition is also less . On the other hand if you make it too generic it’s going to draw a huge number of viewers but a huge competition too. The hack is to make your headlines moderate, not too generic, and not too specific. Something in between.
  • Now, the next thing to keep in mind is when your viewer entered your article seeing your captivating headline how to keep them hooked? Your writing should be more engaging. Like you are talking to the reader. Using more of “you” and “I” helps make it look like a conversation.
  • Using good images and graphs are very useful. Images always leave a mark on our minds.
  • Be sure to check your grammar. No one likes to read bad English!
  • Do some research on the keywords. Use this tool keyword planner.
  • Break your writing into small paragraphs or sentences. It will be much easy to read.
  • And last but not the least, proofreading. Go through your blog, again and again, to point out if any mistake is done.

Monetizing The Blog

Now when it comes to monetizing you have several options like-

  • Affiliate marketing. Adding affiliate links to your blog and getting a commission from the website.
  • E-books. Write your own e-books and sell them on the blog.
  • Online courses. If your good at something and you feel like you can teach it to others, this online course will surely help.
  • E-commerce. Selling your merchandise on your blog. But this needs some capital amount at the start. So you can think about it later.
  • Google AdSense is another good way to start with.
  • So I hope you got some useful information to start your blogging career. Its nothing like turning your passion into your profession, start to learn blog and make money. And another thing is nothing happens overnight. Keep putting the effort until you reach success.

Happy Blogging!

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